March 08, 2008

The time keeps flying

I wish my memory were better... I don't ever want to chance forgetting this moment. Poppa was visiting today after golf, and when it came time to say goodbye, Michael went right into his arms and snuggled up... so happy and so content. Thankfully, my camera was near and I snatched it up, catching this second, this lifetime, in one little snap. I can smell baby lotion on my shirt right now... and I want to go wake up my son and hold him close. I want to thank him for giving his Poppa this moment. I want him to know that he's only been around for seven months, but he's already accomplished so much. Knowing joy, giving comfort, the value of a hug. It takes some people years to figure these things out, but my smart little man is a man of wisdom. I feel a little tear in my heart looking at this picture. I think it must be to full...

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