March 06, 2008

Blogging is addictive... and sock monkey is crazy!

Now I see... now I truely understand the addictive qualities of blogging. I could blog all day! I guess it helps that I don't mind talking about my life, my kids, my crafts with anybody and everybody! I'm really excited because I added two new things to my shop today- I started a new section called Baby Bluebird, which of course means there's new baby stuff! I made these great burp cloths, really cute and absorbant, and this mini snuggle blankie, which my son tried to swipe even though it's pink (I think it's cause it has a little tag on it and he is OBSESSED with tags). I feel like I haven't got a lot done lately because my husband just found out he got a job in Maryland, and we're going to be leaving this house in less than a month. I spend a lot of my day cleaning the house and chasing after the kids, trying to keep them from getting into everything. It's okay though, because I'm getting new ideas every day, and that keeps me busy... I can craft in my head when I don't get to craft for real. Lopsided tutu sock monkey is my latest creation. My daughter had major input in how he was created, showing her amazing creative spirit.


hoganfe handbags said...

That little guy is too darn cute!
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sugarskull said...

I concur! Very cute, nice work!