July 29, 2008

Hello Old Friend!

Mint Chocolate Chip Kimono Style Baby Shoes - Available at Bluebird Gifts

Okay, so it's been a very long while since I've posted anything! I know I've been ignoring this blog in favor of another one I started (gasp!- but seriously, check it out here!) but I've had a full plate and while attempting multiple ventures, I've let some things slide.

Bluebird Gifts has been doing great! I just sold a custom wholesale order of booties to a brick and mortar shop in New York. Hopefully the owner will be a return customer! It was fun picking out fabric and doing 8 different pair (although by the end I was a teensy bit itchy to try something else).

You know me, I'm always adding new things, so I'm expanding Bluebird Gifts. I finally bought a domain name and now you can go to www.mybluebirdgifts.com! Currently it will bring you right to my Etsy shop, but I hope to continue development of my products and get things running there by this time next year. While Bluebird for Baby has been very successful, I've been dying to try some new things, so I've added The Paper Bluebird- a section for my hand illustrated notecards, hand tinted thank you tags and something called booty boxes (folded paper boxes that just happen to be a perfect size to fit a pair of Bluebird Booties!). My vision is to continue expanding, adding a Bluebird Kids section, and possibly a Momma Bluebird section as well.

Be on the lookout for handpainted onesies and more paper type products... and I'm still looking for a really great soy lotion base for my new line of bath and beauty products.

Finally, I'd like to announce that I've opened a second shop on Etsy. Exquisite Image is a shop featuring my original photography and note cards. I'd love to have you come visit! July is buy one get one free month for all 8x10 prints and note card sets!

Thank you for visiting... don't forget to let me know you were here! I love checking out other blogs!

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kim* said...

Best of luck with the shop in New York.