August 04, 2008


So, I'm in love with carrots lately. I love the way they look! Orange is such a great color and the carrot shape is simple and sweet! Right now I'm planning a fall onesie line for the shop featuring some of my little illustrations and I'll definitely have a couple with a carrot worked in. Right now I've got two little pieces in my shop featuring carrots... make sure you go take a peek!
Veggie lovers beware... I think I feel a radish phase coming on!!!

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Amber said...

Very cute. I love your blog and all your ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Emidoodle said...

for a craft idea have you ever decided making hats for babys. Ive noticed thats a real big trend or at least from where i am from. You make can make different designs and make them soft for a baby's head :) also check out my blog at

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